Million Dollar Babies

Colby Katz's discomfiting solo show, "Forever Babies," on view at Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art, has to rank right up there with the ghoul's petrified paw paintings in terms of the creep factor. Katz, who for about a decade was New Times main photog in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, typically documents American subcultures, focusing her lens on everything from backyard brawlers to sideshow performers, to peewee pageant queens -- worlds many rarely get to see or even hear about. But with this can't-miss series, she opens the peepers to people whose children have died and who have their infants replicated as dolls to ease their mourning process. While Katz's photos are undeniably beautiful, they are also deceptive at first blush. That is until the repulse factor sets in. See the exhibit by appointment only.
Oct. 12-30, noon, 2011