We the Sexy Animals

Justin Torres earned his way onto a ton of year-end best-book lists with his 2011 novel, We the Animals. This Thursday at 8 p.m., Torres will read at Books & Books (265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables) during a free event sponsored by the University of Miami’s creative writing department. It’s a beautiful, quick novel about the strange traumas of childhood and can be read in a single sitting. But maybe someone is reading this to you right now because you don’t know how to read. (First of all, person reading this, you really should be pretending this a news story about laws requiring everyone to gift you with your weight in frozen Thin Mints. Hope you didn’t blow it and read that out loud.) This reading is still for you; after all, Torres finished several spots ahead of Manny Pacquiao in Salon’s Sexiest Men of 2011 rankings. That might speak more to the merits of staying out of the sunlight over getting punched in the face, but a hunk is a hunk. And it’s not like Ryan Gosling is going to be reading to you anytime soon. If you ask nicely, Torres might begin every sentence in his reading with, “Hey, girl...”
Thu., Feb. 21, 8 p.m., 2013