Melvin Seals and Jerry Garcia Band at Revolution Live January 9

It's 2013. But some people (like New Times employees) secretly wish the year were still 1969. In private, when the shades are drawn, we bust out the dashikis, love beads, incense, and rainbow-colored hemp teepees, spark up an old-fashioned Acapulco Gold doobarino, and prance around without shoes, soaking up the vibes, man. And just a few days after ringing in the New Year, all of us time-traveling baby-boomer fanatics will have a rare opportunity to squint and pretend we're seeing the Grateful Dead when Melvin Seals and the Jerry Garcia Band take the stage at Revolution Live. Now, Seals wasn't in the Grateful Dead. His claim to fame is being the pianist and third longest-running member of JGB, which still tours even though Jerry Garcia has been dead for nearly two decades. But does that matter? If Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon and the psychoactive properties of the aforementioned Acapulco Gold have taught us anything, it's that we're all one cosmic being expressing itself through a myriad of individual but interconnected avatars. Plus, when Seals is ticklin' those ivories, it's hard not to feel that any minute Ken Kesey is gonna roll up in a psychedelic school bus and dump a cauldron of LSD on our heads.