Welcome to the Future

Get a one-night-only glimpse of your miserable future in Ghosts With Shit Jobs. A sci-fi mockumentary made for only $4,000, the film is structured as a Chinese television program from the year 2040, when the “ghosts” of a collapsed America do the shit jobs Chinese people refuse to do. Allow the movie to be your unborn kids’ guidance counselor, helping them choose between careers building robotic white babies as toys for the Chinese, gathering the webs of giant mutant spiders, blurring out copyrighted content in virtual reality spaces, and being human spam that works unwanted product placements into personal conversations. What will the future be like? Instead of vegetarianism, socially conscious gourmands will aspire to “predetarianism,” eating lions and sharks for the good of their fellow man. Instead of housing foreclosures, we will fear the repossession of our cloud data. When computers become screenless touch surfaces visible only to our own eyes, we’ll all look even more ridiculous than we do hunched over our smartphones. Cheer up — this future isn’t until 2040, and everyone knows the machines rise in 2029 to kill us all anyway. Click here to buy tickets.
Mon., Nov. 12, 8 p.m., 2012