Kreayshawn at LIV November 7

Calling all sexy, bad bitches to the dance floor. It's time to twerk it. This Wednesday, Oakland's dirtiest hip-hop designer hater, Kreayshawn, will be shredding the stage at LIV with a short set of swag rap tracks. And y'all should totally demand her latest banger, "Twerkin'," produced by hipster hit-maker Diplo. It's a raunchy sex anthem that even features Mr. Dip demanding you drop your booty and a verse from NoLa bounce queen Sissy Nobby. But even if the SoBe clubbers don't emphatically request it, the swaggy O-Town chick will probably drop this booty-shaking jam when she rocks LIV's classy crowd. She's also nearly guaranteed to drop her infectious make-me-famous hit, "Gucci Gucci." No telling, though, if the designer-happy, money-hungry mob of financiers at the Fontainebleau's fanciest club will throw their overpriced sunglasses at her.