Minus the Bear at Revolution Live October 22

Since the band's inception in 2001, Seattle alt-indie quintet Minus the Bear has enchanted fans with its blend of math rock and electro-pop, consistently pounding out critically acclaimed records and EPs. But the group's latest effort, Infinity Overheard, cuts back on the electronic stuff and focuses more on the rock 'n' roll. "I think we are just in tune musically with each other more than we have ever been in the past," Minus the Bear's Cory Murchy recently told music website Last FM. "We have over a decade under our belts, and it shows with how we are playing live these days. Shit's tight." Released in late August, Infinity Overheard received a near-perfect rating from monthly mag Alternative Press, earning four-and-a-half stars out of a possible five. The magazine said the record would "please every level of Minus the Bear fan," citing its guitar-heaviness. Of course, though, Infinity Overheard, like almost all music, is even better live. So don't miss Minus the Bear at Fort Lauderdale's Revolution this Monday.