Reader Mail: Democrats Steal Votes Too

Bad Ballots

Hypocrisy is the worst: While you're writing about the supposed Republican conspiracy to rig absentee-ballot voting in Florida ("Mock the Vote," Francisco Alvarado, October 11), you're ignoring all kinds of similar stories about Democrats. There's ACORN registering thousands of dead people to vote, and the New Black Panthers intimidating people into voting for Obama at some polling places, to name just two. Are you really trying to say Republicans are the only ones committing voter fraud? The Democrats are the kings of voter fraud. Oh, the hypocrisy. kkhflyfish

Throw it at the wall: This whole story is just Democrats throwing mud to see what sticks. Then maybe no one will ask about Obama's crimes. Sirock

What about scanners?: The optical scanners the state uses to count ballots are a problem. They overheat, they lose data, they do not create event logs, and they are hackable. All of this noise about absentee ballots might be overshadowing the biggest issue. I am no fan of buying elections with absentee ballots, but don't forget to pay attention to these scanners, lest we find out too late that it is not who votes that counts, but rather how we count the votes. This needs to be addressed. janewlker

Injustice for Buju

Where there's smoke...: If reggae legend Buju Banton is so innocent and all these jurors are now claiming they were against Banton's gun charges ("Gunning for Buju," Chris Sweeney, October 11), why has Buju always been surrounded by all of these criminal allegations? freakerdude

Another Shady Bond

School board terrorists: Uncle Luke is right to question the proposed $1.2 billion bond for schools ("Broken Promises," Luther Campbell," October 11), because the whole deal is nonsense. The project list is nothing more than page after page of all-purpose cut-and-paste summaries, with little detail about what will actually be done with the money, particularly in the case of technology investments. The school system has had all the money it has ever needed, and it has never failed to misspend it, time and time again. The only people fighting for this bond are the district employees outside of the classrooms who are afraid of losing their civil service jobs. Public schools are slowly becoming extinct, and all the parties who placed their own interest before those of the children have no one to blame but themselves. This district has mismanaged billions of dollars over many decades; they will continue to do so as long as they can always hold the children hostage and ask for more ransom whenever they see their coffers running low. This guilt game they perpetrate on the public is nothing more than a long con game. We should stop negotiating with these terrorists, because their greed will never be slaked. Stop this bond. e2

Romney's Victory Plan

Lies about Cuba: You can joke about Mitt Romney winning votes by tying Fidel Castro to the roof of his car ("Mitt's Hail Mary," Michael E. Miller, October 11), but the truth is that Cuban-Americans can't trust his vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan. Ryan called the embargo on Cuba a "failed policy" and favored lifting it altogether. Now, suddenly, Ryan has conveniently flip-flopped on the issue. He can't be trusted on Cuba. Ryan has claimed to run a marathon in under three hours — another blatant falsehood. Why all the lies? elizabeth333

Homosexual Agenda

Learn from your mistakes: I have something to say to Pastor Jack Hakimian, the homophobic North Miami preacher and firebrand who thinks a "gay mafia" is out to get him ("Gay Mafia," Jon Tayler, October 11). How about you take some personal responsibility? Maybe it's you and your intolerance — not some gay conspiracy — that's costing you the chance to hold gospel lunches around town. I attended a recent town-hall meeting regarding tolerance in my city of North Miami. Almost every faith was represented on the panel, and your intolerance was on full display for everyone to see. You need to take a look within. You're promising to fight till your death? That sounds like a threat, sir, which makes you a dangerous individual. You haven't learned a thing, and it's very sad. Killianyinstitut

Can I join the club?: Where exactly can I get a copy of the homosexual manifesto? Is that where I could learn the secret gay-mafia handshake? A.Tim