Matt and Kim at Fillmore Miami Beach October 14

We at New Times are so amped! To quote adorable guy-girl indie-poppers Matt & Kim: Oooh-oooh-oooh-woo, oooh-woo, oooh-woo. Honestly, our anticipation level might even be dangerously high. We basically haven't been able to stop dancing, throwing our arms around in the air, and sleep for the past 76 days. You know, pretty much ever since our favorite perpetually psyched tag team ("Matt plays keys! Kim plays drums!") announced this Sunday's show at the Fillmore Miami Beach by expressing via Twitter their own overwhelming level of excitement with all-caps hashtaggery such as "#PARTY!" and "#LETSGO!" Now if you don't know, that latter tag is a reference to the infectious lead single off M&K's latest slab of sonic fizziness — their fourth full-length album, Lightning — which was released this month. And exactly like those three earlier hyperactively happy records (2006's self-titled effort, 2009's Grand, and 2010's Sidewalks), this new ten-track slice showers superstoked fans in a confetti-like blast of indie-pop awesomeness. Some might say it sounds like a sequel. But isn't the magic of Matt & Kim that simple? It's all about celebration and fun. So all we've got to say is "#PARTY! #LETSGO!"