Reader Mail: Marlins Park Has Screwed the City and Fans

Panamanian Prisoner

Not just a den of sin: The old regulars at Porky's have a very different memory of the "notorious" Hialeah strip club whose longtime manager, Tony Galeota, is now in a Panamanian prison after trying to open a brothel there ("From Porky's to Hell," Michael E. Miller, October 4). For us, Porky's was our Cheers. It wasn't just a strip club; it was a neighborhood hangout, where everyone knew each other and just hung out all the time. Those were the good ol' days. jcalvo2378

Ballpark Catastrophe

Spend on cops, not catchers: Your piece about how badly the Marlins' new stadium has turned out for Miami is right on the money ("Fiasco Field," Tim Elfrink, October 4). It's so disappointing every time I look out at the Miami skyline and see this disaster of a building. They should have just renovated the Orange Bowl (which had multiple uses) and used the rest of the money to fund all the struggling city departments, like police and firefighters, that for the past three years have been experiencing layoffs and pay cuts due to city corruption. It is baffling how the city has been manipulated by this terrible baseball organization. rikster043

What would Robbie do?: Miami professional sports have gone awry. The metric for team ownership and government should be the Robbie Rule: Like Joe Robbie did with the Miami Gardens stadium where the team used to play, all owners should pay for their own stadiums with their own cash and no government sponsors. The Robbie Rule requires involved, responsible, and active owners. The only expectation for fans is to root for the home team, and funding ballparks this way does not burden the city's finances. Emotional business decisions only generate division among citizens. mauriceab

Don't ignore the positives: Miami fans are the worst. The only thing you can count on from them isn't unconditional support for their teams; it's complaining. You have a major-league team in the heart of your city, and you're complaining about the stadium. First, people used to complain that driving all the way up to Sun Life was too far. Now people complain about driving into all that traffic around Little Havana. Get over it! It's a city — show me one without traffic. The stadium did revitalize Little Havana. That area has been desolate and empty for years. Residents and activists need to project their efforts and anger elsewhere. It's not the stadium's fault that this area has been falling off for decades. That's reflective of a much larger problem than a 37,000-seat stadium. At least this project built some incentive for businesses and people to return to the area. Before Marlins Park, the only reason anyone would go to that part of town is if they got called for jury duty at the criminal courthouse.

Your article is also missing one huge positive that Marlins Park has brought to the area — hundreds of full-time jobs. Everybody wants to slam the team, the park, and the officials, but give credit where it's due. Hundreds of people now have gainful employment in the area that did not exist before. It really is a shame that Miami New Times continues to neglect to report this. Marlins_Man

No jobs here: This project didn't create jobs for the community. The so-called new jobs that were created by this project were either jobs lost from Sun Life Stadium (or whatever that place is called this week) or transferred to Marlins Park. So who has profited from this deal? Certainly not the city. Where is the revitalization in Little Havana, other than the huge, fancy-looking money pit they call a stadium? Sorry, but the City of Miami got suckered again. blk1doggy

Indoor games suck: MLB should be played outdoors. I used to go to 20 games every year at Sun Life. This season, I've been to only two. I gave the place a chance, but I decided this venue is no different from the American Airlines Arena for the Heat. At the end of the day, I just can't see myself ever going back, simply because the stadium really does make the game impersonal. And don't get me started about the team's decision to eliminate the Mermaids and the Manatees, the former dance troupes. The Marlins are rebranded for sure. They might as well give back the two World Series titles too. Jimbo99