For The Love of the Car

Miamians love our cars. Can you blame us? Try catching a bus on a Saturday afternoon or the Metrorail after the sun goes down. To Miamians, cars aren’t just a mode of transportation; they’re an extension of ourselves. We stick fancy tailpipes on them, drop them, paint them funny colors, spend way too much money on rims, attach all sorts of mismatched body accessories, and race down the Dolphin Expressway at 3 a.m. while trying to impress some girl we just met at Space. The Nurotag Summer Series Showcase, though, takes things a bit more seriously. At this show, it’s all about the line of the body, the perfect set of JDM wheels, or an interior that can make a man marvel. It’s bringing that passion for cars to Wynwood Studios (2136 NW First Ave., Miami) this Saturday. Attendees can vote for their favorite show cars by using Twitter and Instagram’s hashtag system. In addition to cars, there will also be a showcase of local graffiti and hip-hop artists.
Sat., Sept. 29, 1-6 p.m., 2012