Aim High

Nova Scotia native Rich Aucoin is overly ambitious. For those less talented, that could spell disaster. But for Aucoin, constructing the perfect electro-pop melody just might be an attainable goal. His 2010 EP, Public Publication, features only four cuts, yet it took two years to create and relied on more than 500 musicians from all over the Great White North who recorded everywhere from professional studios to bedrooms. The result is an EP with plenty of variety, from the synth-laden “Push” to the more organic “Superman.” Aucoin’s Friday-night performance at the Vagabond won’t be his first Miami appearance. He rocked it out at Sweat Records in May as an opener for Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. However, this time he takes the much-deserved slot of headliner. Akin to Girl Talk, Aucoin delivers live sets that spur plenty of audience interaction. So expect crowd surfing and confetti, but also expect the unexpected, because we get the feeling this up-and-comer isn’t satisfied with being predictable. Resident DJs Lolo Reskin, Ray Milian, Alex Caso, and others will also be on hand.
Fri., Aug. 26, 10 p.m., 2011