Work It

Miami is the most fashionable city in the world. Hands down. No question. If you’re judging by its number of fashion events, anyway. In addition to runway shows and boutique events that sashay through town throughout the year, the Magic City also hosts several epic “fashion weeks,” including one for the swimwear niche and one dedicated exclusively to “funky” designs. And now there’s Miami Metropolitan International Fashion Week, making its debut in our looks-obsessed metropolis Thursday. This round of runway walks embraces the three major fashion food groups of the tropics: day wear, eveningwear, and swimwear. It also embraces the Miami lifestyle, with a lineup of afterparties at trendy spots such as Kyma and Cafeina. Thursday’s postshow party will take over Gavanna Miami (10 NE 40th St., Miami) and promises to be packed with pretty people getting ugly. Tickets to a Fashion Week event are required for entry and cost $45 for a one-day pass to $375 for a two-person, three-day VIP pass.
May 24-20, 2012