Moscow at the Arsht Center Through April 15

Set in the early '60s and with world-changing events such as JFK's assassination and the Cuban Missile Crisis as its backdrop, Michael McKeever's Moscow tells the charming and funny story of a wealthy Miami family's struggle changing with the times. Cocktail-swigging, cigarette-smoking housewife Lorelei is raising her three sons while she's knocked up with a fourth. Husband Clayton is about to help build I-95. Lorelei's sister is a freewheeling single gal carrying on a lusty relationship with a Cuban exile-turned-theater company director. Meanwhile, their African-American maid for the past 20 years needs to visit her ailing father, leaving them in the not-so-capable hands of Inez, a non-English-speaking Cuban housemaid. Part history lesson, part engaging family story, Moscow is a comical and unflinching look at how the Magic City's past has become our present.