Armchair Diver

Next time you're walking the sea wall at South Pointe Park, squint and picture a neon forest growing just under the waves in Government Cut. Thanks to tidal flows and the artificial habitat of the sea wall's rocks, the Port of Miami shipping lane is an accidental coral farm. Amazingly, it’s home to an extremely rare hybrid coral, the fused staghorn, which glows a supernatural fluorescent green.

There are tons of technicolor coral hiding in the depths of Biscayne Bay, but unless you're a diver, such bright sights have remained hidden — until now. Thomas Strom, a self-taught photographer who works for Biscayne National Park, has created a dazzling photo exhibit of underwater scenes from just off our shores. In "Biscayne's Underwater Secrets" we see pillar, tube, and fan coral as well as sea critters in seemingly unnatural Crayola hues. They are just dozens of the 8,000 photos Strom has shot for the park over the past ten years. See the beauty down-under at Miami Science Museum through December 31.
Nov. 21-Dec. 31, 10 a.m., 2011