Yuck at Bardot October 8

Following the actual demise and cosmic destruction of Langerado Music Festival, a thousand shiny nuggets of musical opportunity rained down on South Florida's clubs. Thus, Bardot landed London indie group Yuck, a five-piece band consisting of boys and girls who conjure throwback-'90s rock with a heavy edge and lo-fi noise while still bringing it into the '10s.

This crew's self-titled debut came out this year on Fat Possum. And already Yuck is all the rage with the Pitchfork peeps. We're talking about an indie-slash-shoegaze revival, semi-ironically worn plaid flannel, and greasy slacker hair. Even that name, Yuck, is such an angsty teenage title, so perfect for emotional guitar strumming and sad singing.

So lace up those Converse (high-tops, black, natch) and march your nostalgic ass to Bardot, that tiny speakeasy on North Miami Avenue. It'll provide you with the perfect setting for standing with arms crossed and head nodding.