Bryan Ferry at the Fillmore Miami Beach September 29

When 65-year-old glam god and gentleman pop star Bryan Ferry packs his bags, he doesn't bring just sheet music.

Really, steal a glance at the Facebook photos from his Olympia world tour. All handsomer-than-thou in an undone bow tie and disheveled suit, Mr. Ferry is obviously traveling with an entire trunk meticulously stuffed full of slick, expensive accouterments. There's probably even a cummerbund stashed in a secret spring-loaded compartment, just in case he gets the urge to close out the show by singing "Shameless" in formal attire.

Yes, indeed, Mr. Ferry is a fancy old devil. And he thinks show biz should be a classy affair. As he recently told GQ: "Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, even back to Leadbelly, always looked very dapper... People say to me: 'Why do you dress elegantly onstage?' I say, 'Why not? I'm onstage.'" Which isn't to say that you, the audience member, should arrive at the Fillmore Miami Beach this Thursday evening in some dowdy outfit that Mr. Ferry might sum up as "a tracksuit" or "jeans and a pullover."

Sure, you won't be onstage. But that doesn't mean you should let yourself slip into total slobbishness. In fact, if you plan to sing along with any part of Mr. Ferry's sophisticated pop set list (e.g., "Slave to Love," "Alphaville," "Like a Hurricane," "All Along the Watchtower," "Jealous Guy"), you must absolutely respect the dress code.

Which is to say, shamelessly stylish.