Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair

Andy Butler, the cunning mind behind Hercules and Love Affair, is a champion of saucy, sweaty disco and house, and his DJ sets reflect this focused style. The group's self-titled record was easily one of the biggest exclamation points in dance music's lexicon last year. Alongside singers Nomi and Kim Ann Foxman, and beats by the DFA's Tim Goldsworthy, Butler's productions shine with a mirror ball's sparkle. The sense of a man on a mission is completed with his own theme song, "Hercules Theme." Straddling a funky line buoyed by trumpet and ecstatic panting, it encapsulates Butler's ambitious dance music MO. Check out his chart from last year and hear not only the music's easily mimicked nuts and bolts, but also a man breathing the emotional air that dance music can truly hold.

1. Ferrara, "Love Attack"

2. Bam Bam, "Where Is Your Child"

3. J.M. Silk, "All in Vain"

4. Bostro Pesopeo, "Falls (Hercules & Love Affair remix)"

5. Chilly Title, "For Your Love (Idjuts Edit)"

6. Amant, "New York Nights (Paris International Records)"

7. Thompson & Lenoir, "Can't Stop the House"

8. Madleen Kane, "Cherchez Pas"

9. Jorge Ben Jor, "Oe Oee"

10. YMO, "1,000 Knives"