Yesterday's Tomorrow

Four years from now, we will have reached the year Back to the Future II was set. The sequel follows Marty McFly into the year 2015, when he witnesses a depressing, aged version of himself and an unrecognizable world of bleeps and gadgets. The movie correctly predicted tablet computers and 3-D movies, so let's see what other changes need to be made so that the real 2015 matches up with Hollywood's portrayal of the future. (1) Hoverboards: If our skateboarders still require wheels, we will have failed. (2) The fax machine must return as the ideal form of communication. (3) Sure, we have biogas, but what about compost fuel? If we can't pull a Doc Brown and throw a banana peel in our gas tank, we're not there yet. (4) Nike has already created Back to the Future-inspired high-tops. But unless those kicks auto-lace themselves as they did in the movie, we're not advancing fast enough. Trying to catch up with the future causes too much anxiety. So instead, kick back with the original Back to the Future, which safely replays events that already happened when McFly visits his parents in the '50s. See the iconic '80s film on the New World Center's 7,000-square-foot projection wall at SoundScape Park. Part of Miami Beach's Cinema Series @ ExoStage, the movie screens Wednesday.
Wed., Aug. 17, 8:30 p.m., 2011