Sasha Grey at Mokai August 19

She's outta the adult biz now. But even when porn star, thespian, and professional hipster Sasha Grey was getting paid to perform explicit sexual stunts in skin flicks, she could also be found turning arty tricks, like selling herself to rich business dudes (and smoldering existentially) in Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience. Or doing coke, swimming naked, and sucking face with Vinnie Chase on HBO's Entourage.

Basically, Ms. Grey is sexy, smart, sophisticated, multitalented, and open to new experiences. But if that's not enough, here are another five reasons to party with the former sex pro: (1) She will actually be DJing, not just posing and looking pretty while wearing headphones. (2) There's a chance she might fulfill your request for Double Penetration, the band. (3) She's hot. (4) Also, she's hot. And (5) any woman whose resumé includes both a noisy postrock record and a starring role in Butt Sex Bonanza knows how to have a good time, guaranteed.