This Week's Day by Day Picks

Thursday 6/17
You've seen the more than 140 dazzling images of hulking machinery and technological wonders that make up the exhibition "Margaret Bourke-White: The Photography of Design, 1927-1936." Now you're left wondering how in the world anyone puts a major display like that together. How to decide what goes in and what stays out? How to arrange the works -- chronologically, thematically? For the secrets behind the magician's tricks, so to speak, Steven Phillips is here to answer all of your nitpicky questions. The curator of the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C., also curated this show. He'll deliver a slide presentation guiding you through the entire process from vague, fuzzy concept to enlightening finished product. Hear him speak at 7:00 p.m. at the Wolfsonian-FIU, 1001 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. Admission is five dollars. Call 305-531-1001. (NK)

Friday 6/18
Original is the word to describe the collaboration between dancer Heather Maloney and violinist/Miami New Times art critic Alfredo Triff. In their performance piece EXIT: This Way Out?, the pair thrive on the challenges of improvisation, and though they may be working with a fixed concept, they create art in the moment of performance. This show will explore questions of love, time, and surrender. Maloney, a grad of the New World School of the Arts, is now based in New York City. She excels with a vast vernacular of nonverbal communications. Triff will perform with bassist Alex Berti. His music is capable of expressing existential nuance and passionate upheaval. The duo performs at 8:00 tonight and tomorrow at FIU's VH100 Black Box Theater, 11200 SW Eighth St. Tickets cost $15. Call 305-545-8546. (JCR)

Saturday 6/19
Can't say we're a huge fan of country crooner Tim McGraw. He was just another singing cowboy to us. That is, until the day we were watching VH1 and we heard the story of how when he was eleven years old, he accidentally found out that his biological father was the baseball great Tug McGraw. Wow! That whole tale is a country song all by itself! And for all we know, it just might be one somewhere in his repertoire, along with all those tunes about lost love, big trucks, gallons of booze, and illegal guns. Okay, just kidding about the latter two. Hear McGraw on his Out Loud tour tonight at 7:30 at the Sound Advice Amphitheatre (601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach.). Sure we love gossip, but we don't want to start any rumors: As far as we know, that title has nothing to do with coming out of the closet, okay? Tickets range from $30 to $60. Call 561-793-0445. (NK)

Sunday 6/20
In a state where schools focus most of their money and efforts on helping students pass the FCAT, arts programs, primarily those for music, are more and more marginalized. For budding young musicians from poor homes, the Jubilate Arts Preparatory Academy's Summer Benefit Concert offers them a chance to discover their artistry. Tonight's performance features vocalist and violinist Nicole Yarling, gospel and jazz singer Ruby Baker, trumpeter Longineu Parsons, and pianist Felix Spengler. Jazz and gospel music should certainly inspire the public to contribute to this very worthy cause. The event begins at 6:00 at Coral Gables Congregational Church, 3010 De Soto Blvd. Tickets cost $25, $35, and $50. Call 954-559-0587. (JCR)

Monday 6/21
You've got a hot date. Here are your options: You can sit in your living room and impress her with your good taste by flipping on Spike TV and watching World Wrestling Entertainment's RAW live. Or you can lay out a few bucks and really impress your date by taking her to the American Airlines Arena (601 Biscayne Blvd.) to see the wrestling superstars battle it out right in front of your face. Yes, kids, WWE: RAW will grace us with its aggressive presence and all your favorites will be bouncing around the ring: Rick Flair, Matt Hardy, Kane, gals such as Trish Stratus, and, of course, world champion and co-tag team champ Chris Benoit. Spring for some brew and nachos and the girl will be putty in your hands! The pummeling begins at 7:45 p.m. Tickets range from $20 to $45. Call 786-777-1000. (NK)

Tuesday 6/22
So you can't get enough of those bloody plastic surgery reality television shows at home? Time to join the party in the flesh. What have you got to lose, except perhaps a fold or wrinkle or two? The producers of the sensational reality-based drama Nip/Tuck are celebrating the premiere of the next season with a fete at Rumi (330 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach). Plastic people and those who sculpt them will be on hand for a festive break from the TV screen. The party starts at 10:00 p.m. For admission details, call 305-672-4353. (JCR)

Wednesday 6/23
To experience compelling urban crime dramas, just step outside your door (if you live in Kendall, you get compelling suburban crime dramas), or pick up one of the many novels written by Richard Price. The author of Clockers, Blood Brothers, and Freedomland has just released Samaritan, his first book in four years. The plot involves Ray Mitchell, a successful television writer who makes the mistake of returning home to New Jersey in order to rethink his life and to bond with his teenage daughter. Unfortunately while Ray is doing all those things, a criminal bonds with his skull, leaving Ray in the hospital. It's up to Ray's childhood pal, police detective Nerese Ammons, to solve the case. Problem is that Ray is mixed up with more than his share of shady characters and he doesn't want to talk. Price reads from his new book tonight at 8:00 at Books & Books, 265 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables. Admission is free. Call 305-442-4408. (NK)