Money Matters

The Wu-Tang Clan and PBS darling Suze Orman can agree on one thing: CREAM, or cash rules everything around me. Living in an uninsured and impoverished post-Bush age, we’re almost getting used to being broke. Only someone as passionate about money as Ms. Orman has the power and the answers to get us out of this rut. We need money for just about everything — veggie burgers, cable, kitty litter — and as Orman will tell you, your money situation affects everyone with whom you come in contact. So get your finances in order. Her brand of self-help empowers people to live a fiscally responsible existence through self-love and truth. Somehow, this money wizard impressively gets everyone in her TV audience to weep emotional tears over IRAs and stock options. Orman will bring her smarts to Temple Judea Tuesday to talk dolla dolla bills and promote her book The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream.
Tue., March 29, 7:30 p.m., 2011