Aoki 101

Whoop, whoop! Steve Aoki is back in town this Thursday hawking his brand of mainstream hipsterdom. This time, the venue is SET. Now let us take a moment to guide you through a typical Aoki DJ set: (1) Lights dim as “Circle of Life” (AKA The Lion King theme song) plays, which Aoki uses to pump up the crowd. The track is given an electro-jungle re-edit, because this is Steve Aoki! (2) If a stage is available, Aoki will dive into the crowd like it’s a freakin’ rock show. (Unfortunately, there isn’t one at SET, but he has been known to improvise.) (3) Ladies and gents, keep your mouths open. Aoki likes to distribute alcoholic refreshments straight from the bottle. Cleavage isn’t necessary, but it helps. (4) And somewhere amid all this rock-star chaos, Aoki actually spins dance songs and pop hits, plus a song or two that’s new to your ears.
Thu., July 1, 11 p.m., 2010