That Funky Monkey

Miami isn't shy about its love of bass. And not just any bass. Big-booty bass — bass so fat that when the room shakes, it feels like an earthquake. So it's no surprise that the dubstep genre has finally boiled over from the underground. Its natural evolution from electro-house — think dirty, choppy beats but slowed down — means the scene and its fans are growing quickly. It also begs the question: How long until Kanye West starts taking credit for making dubstep popular?

On the heels of successful dubstep events, such as the Vagabond's monthly Get Low party, comes King Kong Bass at PS14. Notorious Nastie, Juan BassHead, and have partnered to deliver a party that Nastie himself describes as “bananas.” “There’s gonna be a guy in a gorilla suit walking around,” he says. And with BassHead, Wreck, Peasant with Feathers, Serge Roc, Keen, and others on the bill this Saturday, PS14 might have a few speakers blow out before the 5 a.m. closing time.

The party starts at 11 p.m. Everyone 18 and older is welcome as long as you hand over the five-dollar cover.
Sat., July 18, 11 p.m., 2009