Scene Stealers

Miami’s indie and alternative nightlife scene is arguably controlled by only a handful of promoters. While some people are perfectly content letting those promoters continue as the hegemony, others are taking their discontent and using it to give the city a truly new alternative. “People used to party so hard there would be dead bodies on the floor,” says 30-year-old promoter Eddie Darko. But instead of just complaining, he and his merry group of misfits — Sevim Abaza and Evan Uribe — are doing something about it. The trio has introduced South Beach’s South of Eighth district to Bandits at Chicago, an indie-dance/electro bash they hope reminds you of what partying used to be about: listening to good music and getting shitfaced at the same time. And with five-dollar well drinks (plus a free hot dog — no joke), it shouldn’t be too hard accomplish that goal. “When you have cheap drinks, you don’t have to cater your music to the people paying for them,” Darko explains. And that’s what the night is all about — no compromises. Abaza, under the moniker Run Sevim Run, spins along with a revolving door of guest DJs every Saturday.
Sat., May 16, 10 p.m., 2009