Don’t Blame Colonel Mustard

Out of the long list of grade-school cafeteria food we hated, the cheeseburgers reign supreme. The disparity of the cardboard bun and lifeless cheese could be forgiven, but the meat, ohhh the meat — that’s another story. It was the color of the moon, with craters to match, and had an uncommon flavor profile that gave the patty its nickname: mystery meat. We swore never to touch the discs again, but we’ll gladly plunge a fork into a whodunit of a different sort at Ouzo’s Mediterranean Restaurant. Every Monday night, you can indulge in the five-course Mystery Menu created by executive chef Pablo Cittadini. Maybe you’ll get the baby lamb chops, or the Greek pork sausage, but you’ll definitely get a shimmy from the belly dancer and a Greek-style coffee cup reading in the restaurant’s private “Cave.” The dishes are infused with Greek, French, and Italian, and the seafood is flown in fresh daily, so we think we’ve already solved this case. The verdict is yum, and your sentence is a couple of hours in your new favorite restaurant. The meal is $35 per person, $45 with a wine pairing. Call 305-604-0008.
Mondays, 2008