Forget Popcorn

You get to the theater, and it practically smacks you in the face — that waft of hot, buttered goodness. Popcorn is one of those snacks you typically don’t crave until you catch a whiff of someone else making it, and those pimply-faced concession workers know they’ve got your number the instant you walk through the door. Well, we say eff that. No more popcorn, no more Raisinets, no more weathered hot dogs and nachos slathered in cheese that’s the consistency of Elmer’s glue. For the escalating ticket prices you shell out at the theater, don’t you think you deserve more? You deserve a trip to Cinébistro, the hot new 21-and-over theater that just opened its doors at Dolphin Mall. This theater is the first of its kind, and the Miami location initiates a rollout of similar venues across the nation.

Cinébistro aims to take dinner and a movie to a whole ’nother level, by offering gourmet cuisine and a wide variety of wine and cocktails. There’s a restaurant and an outdoor patio for those of you who prefer to focus on imbibing and consuming, all while movie buffs can enjoy digital video and state-of-the-art sound while they nosh on crab salad or yellowtail snapper à la Margarita sautéed with tequila and lime. Kinda makes that AMC frank look like a turd on a bun, huh? All the ketchup in the world can’t hide the truth. Valet parking is included in the ticket price — $17 weekends and holidays, $15 Mondays through Thursdays. You can order tickets and check out what’s playing at Call 305-455-7373.
Starts: July 15. Daily, 2008