The Ol’ Watering Hole

What do Ted Bundy, Slick Willie, and Dubya have in common? They were all born the same year. 1946 also delivered one of our few remaining hardcore saloons. Fox's Lounge is home to the city’s best martinis and a jukebox that rocks this town. Inside, you can imagine Johnny Wadd sidling up to the bar and asking a young thing: “Come here often?” The joint is so dark it takes the peepers a while to adjust, but it smacks of class. The red booths are so comfy they swallow you up, and the food is surprisingly good.

During Shuffle Tuesdays the two-for-ones are impossible to beat and the crowd ranges from greying locals, to UM students, to boozy ladies on the prowl. Specials last until 2 a.m. For those in a hurry to get home and get their drink on, pull up to the venerable tavern and check out the window in the back. It’s Fox’s legendary drive-up liquor store; always open until the wee hours and one of the best kept secrets in town.
Tuesdays, 11 p.m.-2 a.m., 2009