Perform in a band for nearly 40 years and a few occurrences are unavoidable. You will experience thrilling highs (Grammys, Oscar noms, platinum sales to the nth degree) and crashing lows (drug addiction, the acrimonious departure of original members). You'll break social boundaries (Run-D.M.C.'s collaborative rap remix of "Walk This Way") and make technological breakthroughs (Guitar Hero: Aerosmith).

You'll bust more than a few body parts (various knee and throat ailments, second-degree burns, hepatitis C). But in the case of Aerosmith, the journey will also include producing one of the most memorable bodies of work in American music history. With a new album still in the pipeline, Steven Tyler and company's attitude-drenched, blues-based hard rock continues to appeal, evolve, and, above all, endure. And despite Tyler's health problems, and the band's announced intent to replace him last year, fans can rest assured it will be a Tyler-helmed version of the band arriving in South Florida.