Teen porn star Bieyanka Moore's disaster

In early 2010, Tyler Chanel Evans, a 19-year-old exotic dancer, took under her wing a pretty, homeless girl who said her name was Bieyanka. The girl had been standing for hours outside a convenience store with an overstuffed duffel bag. A few days later, the waif stole Evans's expired learner's permit and copied her social security number.

The samaritan stripper filed a police report, but nothing came of it.

Then Bieyanka ran wild, adopting Evans's identity and racking up criminal charges including possession of a stolen vehicle and grand larceny. The girl skipped court appearances, so Evans was arrested twice. Once she was even jailed for 13 hours.

"I'm pissed off, but I have to give the girl some props," Evans says. "She's savvy. She definitely outwitted me."

Bieyanka, it seems, outwitted many people. She wasn't 20 as she had told Evans, but a 15-year-old runaway from Palm Beach Shores. She persuaded the State of Nevada — perhaps with an adult's help — to improperly issue her a driver's license in Evans's name. And using that license, she duped Miami pornographers into illegally hiring her to have sex onscreen.

At least that's the way Evans and lawyers for Brickell-based online porn giant Reality Kings tell it. In December 2010, the girl's mother, Sherrita Smalley, sued RK Netmedia, Reality Kings' owner, for disseminating a video in which the 15-year-old — using the stage name "Bieyanka Moore" — stripped nude, had intercourse, and traded oral sex with a 24-year-old man.

The company, according to the suit, profited from "sexual battery, statutory rape, [and] child pornography." Mark A. Glassman, Smalley's attorney, contends Evans was "one of the adults involved" in a loose cabal to get the underage girl into porn. "This is a lot more complex than [Bieyanka] showed up and got in a movie," he says. "A 15-year-old did not orchestrate this alone."

Despite plentiful evidence, RK refuses to concede the runaway is the same person shown in the porn. The company's lawyer, Stuart I. Grossman, adds, "The bottom line is RK did everything it could to verify the actress's age."

According to a California birth certificate, the girl — we'll call her Carissa — was born in Los Angeles January 25, 1995, to a 21-year-old single mom. Address records show the family bounced among five residences in the Sacramento area. In 2002, a photo of 7-year-old Carissa, shown sweetly stringing beads at a farmers' market, was featured in the Sacramento Bee. After a brief stay in New Mexico, they moved to Henderson, Nevada — just outside Las Vegas – where Carissa's grandparents lived.

Sometime before 2010, the family moved to Palm Beach Shores. But an apartment in a dingy, pale-green complex on Sandal Lane couldn't hold Carissa. On a late afternoon in January last year, she disappeared with a 14-year-old female high school classmate, according to news reports at the time. The duo was finally recovered in Miami four days later after clubbing in South Beach.

Carissa took off again almost immediately. This time she made it all the way back to Nevada, where she befriended Evans. The young stripper says the girl called herself "Bieyanka" and claimed to be 20 years old: "She was tall" — five-foot-ten — "and fully developed," Evans says. She had a pierced navel, a tattoo of small red stars along the left side of her neck, and the full name of her 20-something boyfriend, Teddy, sloppily inked on the back of her neck. She didn't want to use her ID to get into clubs, she once explained to Evans, because "some people in the mob in Florida were looking for her."

Evans soon lost contact with Carissa, she says, and didn't discover the learner's permit had been stolen until much later. It appears the minor, perhaps with help, used Evans's ID and social security number to obtain a valid learner's permit through the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles. A spokesperson there says that to renew an expired permit, a written driving test is required but no additional documentation is necessary. Carissa also would have had to forge Evans's signature.

According to a recent court filing, Carissa hooked up with John O'Byrne, a New Jersey-based porn talent rep. "I cannot speak to you about this matter," O'Byrne said when reached by New Times.

Last July 23, according to the filing by RK Chief Operating Officer Mauricio Botero, porn director Ashley Billington received an email from O'Byrne advertising the services of a new starlet: "Stage name: Bieyanka." O'Byrne claimed her birthday was November 19, 1990 — that of Tyler Evans.

Though Bieyanka's video would be uploaded to realitykings.com, according to attorney Glassman, it was produced by a separate company, LLL Advertising, Inc. That firm is owned by Michael D. Imber, better known as "Icey" Mike, the diamond-loving manager of failed MMA fighter Kimbo Slice. Imber did not respond to a request for comment.

On August 13, Carissa showed up with O'Byrne at the filming location: a pearl-white, $1.1 million, four-bedroom house at 1500 NW 118th Ave. in Plantation. The home is owned by 1500 Plantation, LLC, a company registered to Jeffrey Greenberg, who according to state corporation records, is the manager of Reality Kings, LLC.

According to COO Botero, Carissa and O'Byrne were first turned away from the shoot because she had only the Nevada license to prove her age. They "returned later the same day" with a social security printout from a Fort Lauderdale government office, and Carissa was allowed to proceed.

Her partner for the shoot was Fernando Marrero, a prolific bisexual 24-year-old porn star who uses the stage name "Chris Commando." (Marrero did not respond to a note left at his sizable Miramar home.)

On September 7, the resulting 33-minute video was released in the series C*m Fiesta on realitykings.com, where it was viewable for a buck. "She's a bit shy at first, but once she gets a little warmed up, she's ready for some real fun," the accompanying description read. "It's not long before innocent-looking Bieyanka is screaming for more dick."

The same day the video was uploaded, according to RK's lawyers, an anonymous tipster called the company's customer support number to warn that Bieyanka was underage. The video was pulled "immediately" and RK notified the FBI, the company claimed in court.

The actress apparently did her part to keep her fledgling porn career alive. A Twitter user purporting to be Bieyanka — and certainly displaying an adolescent's grasp of spelling — declared, "OMFG! Ok I know there is a rumor going on that im 15 ever scence my prono came out..well Im not! Everything will b set straight soon every1."

Bob Abrams of Nevada Child Seekers, which had posted online a missing-person flyer featuring Carissa's photo, received an urgent phone call from a young woman who might have been the runaway. "She said that the photo was wrong and to take it down," recalls Abrams, who told her to go to the police. She didn't.

The lawsuit against RK Netmedia, which Sherrita Smalley filed in Miami-Dade court this past December, is still developing. Attorney Grossman says Imber's LLL Advertising will soon be added as a defendant. Florida criminal law decrees that "a minor's misrepresentation of his or her age... may not be raised as a defense" in statutory rape prosecution.

Despite the suit, Bieyanka Moore's video and stills remain easily viewable on aggregating sites online — despite the pleas of Carissa's family members, who seven months ago posted on several sites: "This is child pornography, and your site can and will face charges!"

According to her mother's lawyer, Glassman, Carissa is now being detained in Nevada, where she's speaking to FBI investigators.

But the saga continues for her real-life alter ego, Tyler Chanel Evans. She was recently called to a Budget Suites in a seedy part of Vegas after Carissa vandalized a hotel room. Then, on April 25, Evans was cuffed on an open warrant for grand larceny and possession of a stolen vehicle. Carissa had given cops Evans's ID when she had first been arrested for the crime. "Wrong subject booked," the judge wrote in the case file. "The individual was a minor who is being dealt with in the juvenile system. Case dismissed."

Thanks to the police report documenting her claim of a stolen ID, Evans says she was able to stay out of jail: "Now I keep the report in my back pocket."