Amateur Ambush

What happens when bloodlust meets plain old lust? Find out when Club Play expands its nightclub acumen to include hosting its first Play Hard Thursday, featuring an amateur mixed martial arts card. Don't let the word amateur fool you. This won't be a bunch of drunk stiffs too inebriated to realize they're getting their noggins rocked. Fight Time Promotions Inc., led by former Olympic gold medalist Howard Davis Jr., is running the show, and MMA legend Thiago “Pitbull” Alves will host the event ahead of his upcoming fight in Las Vegas. The inaugural event will attract plenty of star power, even if most of it will be outside the caged ring. New laws in Florida require fighters to have five sanctioned amateur fights under their belts before joining the pro ranks. Club Play's bouts will be the first of a recurring series on Thursday nights and will showcase eight to 12 fights, giving upstarts a chance to duke it out in sanctioned bouts in front of South Beach's beautiful people. A SoBe-chic dress code will be enforced, so the club might want to provide plastic ponchos, or the blood spattering could ruin some pricey getups.
Thu., May 5, 7 p.m., 2011