Aaron Lewis at Hard Rock Live April 6

Staind frontman and lyrical mastermind Aaron Lewis recently released a music video for "Country Boy." And if this single is a solid representative sample from his new album, Town Line, expect to hear a bunch of country songs that really sound like a clash between Bon Jovi and Alice in Chains, sung in that imitation-of-Scott-Stapp-imitating-Scott-Weiland-imitating-Eddie-Vedder style that Staind has perfected.

The video features a guest appearance by country music legend George Jones, who plays the role of the Devil in the song, offering Lewis millions of record sales and his name on the marquee in exchange for his soul and the condition that he whiten his teeth. Lewis's reply: "I like my jeans and my old T-shirt/A couple extra pounds never really hurt/Because a country boy is all I'll ever be." Yeah! Fuck your new button-down shirts and your polyester pants. Don't you get I am a country boy forever? Don't even think about making me wear shorts! (Unless they're the camouflage cargo shorts seen in this music video.)

Of course, if you're into this kind of thing, you might not read into the lyrics and just accept the song's essential message. You know, L.A. and rock 'n' roll are the Devil. Army and tractor are good. If you wear fancy clothes, you don't love America.