Have Not?

Who the fu(ck)nny are the Have-Nots? According to their co-founder, Jay Mays, "we are, without a doubt, the funniest comics you've never heard of before." The comedy group was founded in May 2010, when Mays and fellow local comedian Dominic Perenzin met during a gig at Sweat Record's monthly stand-up night Casa De Ha-Ha. This small society of 305 stooges, which includes Scot Lenter, Raul Salazar, and well-known local comedienne Jessica Gross, will kick off the South Beach Comedy Festival this Thursday with an event at Buck15. The lineup will include Lisa Corrao, Wendi Starling, Johnny Trabs, Gene Harding, Dave Williamson, and host Jessica Gross.
Thu., Feb. 24, 7 p.m., 2011