Angels and Stars

Long before Pam Anderson bounced down the beach in Baywatch, the original purveyors of jiggle TV were filming beautiful women running in Charlie's Angels. And as bouncing bosoms never really go out of style, the lady crime fighter series is currently being remade by ABC. This time, however, the drama's set in Miami (finally someone noticed that our crime and boobs trump Los Angeles's. And not only does the new show share the same network as the original, 1970s series producer Leonard Goldberg is on board as is Drew Barrymore, who starred in the 2000 and 2003 films. Unlike other Miami-set series (cough, Dexter), the new Charlie's Angels will actually be filmed in the 305. In fact, the production company is holding a casting call for extras next week. And get this, you don't even have to be pretty. Or bouncy. On February 26, all "talent" are welcomed to bring their smiling mugs, their headshots, and at least two forms of ID to the Doubletree Hotel Grand Hotel for chance at television stardom. All right, sure -- if chosen, you'll most likely be seen shopping for melons in the background while the Angels leap and kick ass in the foreground. But still, there's a chance that producer Drew Barrymore might high-five you at some point in the shoot. Or at least that scenario is a lot more likely in the life of an extra than in the life of an insurance agent.
Sat., Feb. 26, 9:30 a.m., 2011