Sebastian Ingrosso at LIV February 4

Unfortunately, the rabidly anticipated Ultra-week edition of Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel is still 52 days away. So all you overeager party people need to just chill out and figure out a positive way to spend those megawatts of pent-up energy.

Sure, you could set the Stockholm trio's certified crossover hit "Miami 2 Ibiza" on repeat and fist-pump yourself into a state of deliriously sweaty exhaustion. But here's another, less manic, option: Go get your monthly Swedish House Mafia fix this Friday when junior member Sebastian Ingrosso brings his champagne-spraying, crowd-slaying antics to LIV.

As evidenced by Ingrosso and his cohorts' recent tour documentary Take One, DJs are the new freaking rock stars. They wear fancy scarves and mirrored shades. They own private jets. They play concerts for 500,000 fans. Of course, you can't fit a half-million people into Fontainebleau. But still, it wouldn't be insane to expect epic levels of excess and celebrity cameos from local friends of the Mafia such as Diddy.

In any case, you'll know it's been awesome when Ingrosso whips out that trademark, set-capping catchphrase: "I think I fucked this party in the pussy."