Ultimate Cock Fight

This year, the International Boxing Association (AIBA) launched the World Series of Boxing. The WSB is a professional boxing event in which fighters pummel each other, Jake Lamotta-style, on city-based teams. It was created to help amateur boxers get the exposure they need to land national sponsors and rise to the top of the sport — without losing their eligibility to compete for the Olympics. The series spans three continents with four teams on each. This past November, the Miami Gallos made their WSB debut, overcoming a 2-0 deficit to take down the L.A. Matadors 3-2. Boxers Kenny Egan, Trent Rawlings, and William Williams rallied the Gallos for the team’s come-from-behind victory, earning Miami three points in the standings. (The Miami Heat aren’t the only professional sports team with a Big Three.) The 14-man squad will take on the Memphis Force this Wednesday at the American Airlines Arena.
Wed., Jan. 5, 8 p.m., 2011