BFGF at the Electric Pickle December 23

Ever loved your sugar pie honey bunny pookie bear soooo much that your relationship already felt like beautiful music? We guess that's what local musicians Me She and Chris V were feeling when they decided to express it in song. The enamored couple (look, they even have similar haircuts!) formed a little electro-pop outfit called BFGF — y'know, uh, boyfriend and girlfriend. Together, they make lo-fi dance music that Crystal Castles fans will enjoy for its male-female dynamic and spluttering bleeps and bloops.

But Chris V is also known around town as DJ Chris Video, and as such, his musical knowledge goes all the way back to pre-blog years (OMG). It's why BFGF's influences are a little more sophisticated than it seems at first. There are strains of proto-rave stuff in there, as well as Italo disco doses of retro-futurism. Love-haters, stay away.