Pitbull at Bongo's Cuban Cafe December 17

Can you believe there was a time when Pitbull (AKA Don Armando Christian Pérez) couldn't even get his party jams played on Power 96 (WPOW-FM 96.5)? Back in the day, OG supporter and booty-bass legend Luther Campbell asked the radio station's jocks to slip some of Pit's early records into the rush-hour playlist. But they just weren't having it.

More recently, though, Power 96 has all but held a televised press conference to name "I Know You Want Me (Calle Ocho)" its official drive-time anthem. And if that wasn't enough to make up for past disrespect, the radio station just hired Pitbull to headline its South Pole Party alongside morning show star DJ Laz. Consider it a holiday apology.

The next question: What kind of airtime will Power 96 give the all-Spanish singles off Pit's new album Armando? Sure, the rapper has been laying down Spanglish chant-along choruses for years. But this stuff's 100 percent en español! So far, club banger "Bon Bon" has been getting regular rotation and that bodes well for follow-ups like Lil Jon collabo "Watagatapitusberry." Still, maybe Pit should drop a Cubano Christmas carol to lock up the holiday airwaves. Suggested title: "Quemar el Arbol!"