Army of Mörker

Don’t be afraid of “Mörker” — darkness in Swedish and also the name of a new exhibit on display through November 19 at Wynwood’s Calix Gustav Gallery (98 NW 29th St., Miami). There you’ll find Sweden’s Johan Björkegren, whose work is a real palette-cleanser for the Miami art scene. Although comparisons to Edward Gorey can’t be avoided, his lead drawings are less Victorian macabre and more twee creepy. Miami could do with a little more dark and brooding and a little less neon pop art. Rounding out “Mörker” are Miami’s Jennifer Basile and Ingrid Eliasson, who were artists in residence at the Deering Estate in 2009. See their ghostly renditions of Deering’s menacing mangroves, eerie carriage house, and haunted main house, overlaid with ethereal lace and sand dollar shapes. At the back of the gallery, in the CG Boutique, a mini-exhibit by Birds Are Nice presents a chipper menagerie of creatures, from Pepto-pink bunnies to smiling crows.
Tuesdays-Saturdays, noon. Starts: Sept. 23. Continues through Nov. 19, 2010