Wobble Wobble

There is an abundance of hard-bodied men and women in Miami drinking wheatgrass, ordering salads as — gasp — entrées, and exercising as if training for a marathon. Then there’s another group of people who drink Diet Cokes, consider their daily trek to the mailbox a workout, and think that “hold the mayo” is the best diet strategy ever. Now whether you’re “us” or “them” is up to you, but one piece of equipment that we’re sure isn’t in your basement collecting dust is the Power Plate at Power Fit Studios at Idol’s Gym.

This supermachine was first created for the space program and is made of a special vibrating plate that you stand on. For twenty minutes, while you assume different poses, it burns cellulite, builds muscle tone, and does a crapload more than that any other vibrating machine has ever done for you. Hey, the first session is free, so it’s worth a try. Call 786-287-8487 for an appointment.
Starts: May 30. Daily, 2007