Murder Dem

For those who might be unfamiliar with the concept of a sound clash, allow us to explain: A sound system is a syndicate of DJs who have banded together to create a sonic force greater than themselves. Sound systems build reputations by wrecking the dancehall with deep crates and hard riddims. Those reputations can grow as they win musical battles between opposing sound systems. A sound clash can’t be explained; it has to be experienced. It’s a riotous affair, complete with special sound effects and dub plates – personalized tracks made for the DJs by renowned reggae artists – employed as weapons to “murder” the rival system. The winner is judged by audience response. Sound systems and clashes are a traditionally Jamaican affair, but the phenomenon has spread throughout the Caribbean. And right here in Miami, we’ve got JahCuban, a homegrown syndicate of five Miami boys who have submerged themselves deep into Jamaican reggae culture.

The audio assassins go by the pseudonyms Scarhead, Ray Cuban, Jah Felix, Louie Rockaz, and Mr. Green. And tonight at the Millennium Ballroom, they will represent our fair state in the New York vs. Florida Sound Clash. Joining the fray will be Tampa’s Poison Dart, which will be going up against New York’s King Agony and Tek Nine Movements.
Sat., June 30