Artful Dodgers

The common thread among the LA Dodgers’ best players is that they all reached their professional apexes when beating Yankees. Luis Gonzales had the clutch final hit off the Bronx Bombers in the World Series back in 2001. Nomar “Nohhhmaaaa” Garciaparra was with the Red Sox for eight-plus Yankee-hating seasons. Nearly seven of those he played alongside current fellow Dodger Derek Lowe, who was still in Boston for the biggest comeback in North American pro sports playoffs history when the Sox offed the Yanks in 2004.

Then there are the ex-Florida Marlins on the Dodgers’ roster (of course there are; Florida disperses expensive talent like dandelions release seeds). In 2003, when Juan Pierre was proving to be the fastest man in baseball and most people thought Brad Penny was just two nouns randomly capitalized, they helped spur the Marlins to a whodathunkit World Series win over the Yankees. Relive the wonders of beating Jeter tonight. Tickets start at $9 and are easy to get at the box office, at, or by calling Ticketmaster at 954-523-3309.
Wed., May 9, 7:05 p.m.