A Taste of Africa

So you’ve never ridden a camel bareback or haggled with a Moroccan over the price a bag of lentils. But you did take a toke of hashish at your co-worker’s barbecue last summer, so you and your best hookah stories should fit right in at Social Miami’s newest event, Tangiers Wednesday. Starting tonight, the popular restaurant/lounge will be caught up in a weekly North African rapture, complete with shimmying belly dancers and Moroccan decor. The goal is to transport you across the seas and far away from South Beach. Every Wednesday from 6:00 p.m. to midnight, Social Miami abandons its acclaimed menu and makes way for tasty and exotic cuisine.

The meal starts with a mezze plate of traditional spreads, including eggplant zaalouk, fava bean dip (no Silence of the Lamb jokes, please), and flatbreads. The main course offers a choice between pouissin (that’s chicken), harissa barbeque lamb chops, or halibut chermoula. At just $49 per person, the meal feels like a steal.
Wed., March 14, 6 p.m.-midnight