All Blasphemy Aside

John Lennon almost got himself crucified in 1966 when he made an offhand remark about the Beatles being more popular than Jesus. Quite a number of records were destroyed.8 before the controversy died down. That was 40 years ago. Can one still create a buzz when comparing oneself to the Nazarene nowadays? Sure! In his new show, Bigger than Jesus, Toronto-based actor and writer Rick Miller does just that. He doesn’t imply he’s more popular than Christ, of course, but Miller does magnify the story of the original larger-than-life figure to a size fit for our spiritually myopic times. Bigger than Jesus is both a monologue and a postmodern, multimedia experience that mirrors the Catholic mass. There’s a lot of humor for everybody and a few inside jokes that Catholics -- even lapsed ones like Miller -- will chortle at. It isn’t comedy at the expense of a deity, though. Miller’s show presents a jovial expression of the rise and fall (or the fall and rise again) of his spirituality. The show runs from January 9 through 13. Showtimes are 8:00 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, and 2:00 p.m. Saturday afternoon.
Jan. 9-13, 8 p.m.