Matrimonial Majesty

The inspiration for Georgia designer Anne Barge’s latest line of bridal gowns partially came from Fabergé eggs. But rather than wanting to make brides appear oval, Barge looked to the ornate, regal designs of 1870s Russia. “I wanted a very ladylike, dressed up feeling. I started thinking about the Russian court, and [Tsar] Nicholas and Alexandra’s wedding. We based it on the level of elegance and regal, formal attire,” explains the accomplished designer. Barge already has an international reputation for creating memorable bridal statements. Her latest work features the kind of sleek, timeless gowns that could and should be family heirlooms. The intricate beading on some of them can take up to 200 hours to complete. Although she clings to antique tradition, Barge doesn’t necessarily adhere to the customary white rule. “All of our dresses are pure silk, so the dresses aren’t a stark white. Many of our dresses are pearl or ivory. We’ve also done blush and gold. It gives a distinctive air of character to a wedding,” says Barge. Brides to be and fans of expert dressmaking are invited to admire the goods at Anne Barge’s trunk show at Chic Parisien. Admission is free but by appointment only. Call 305-448-5756.
Fri., April 21