Working Girls

Few sights can unhinge the male peepers as effectively as those rump wagging peelers fishing for greenbacks at a strip joint. When confronted by a curvaceous exotic dancer shimmying in her unmentionables, most men drool for the attention of these beautiful women. What’s a poor mope to do? It’s a visual experience some can’t resist. After all, when that bleach blond begins gyrating in a suggestive way, he’s doomed. As “Welcome to the Jungle” blares from the speakers, and she bends over for him to stuff her squirrel covers with a fistful of singles, the dancer knows he’s putty in her hands. Ka-ching! She’s already planning her next killing at Frederick’s of Hollywood.

Painter Jacquelyn Jackson Johnston and photographer Angela Helen Roell have cribbed the stripper paradigm in “All That Glitters,” opening tonight at 7:00 at Faktura Gallery and featuring their take on the visual experience as commodity. “We are interested in how people look at art, focusing on the example of strippers,” Johnston explains. “We will actually have some work the public can tip as if it was an exotic dancer.” Celebrating its first anniversary, Faktura promises to satiate the senses during the blowout, with a DJ on hand to get that booty shaking, fancy appetizers and refreshments to tantalize the palate, and plenty of eye popping work to rub up against. Just remember to show up with a wad of dead presidents. Call 305-758-9005, or visit
Sat., April 22