All the Right Moves

Strutting around in your underwear and high heels might feel awkward at first. But the Art of Exotic Dancing is here to cultivate your inner vixen with a weekend of workshops guaranteed to make your mate stand up and take notice. On Saturday, February 18, the core workshop from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. will teach you seductive walking, enticing hip rolls, and the importance of making eye contact. Once you feel comfortable with your sexy moves, begin adding props to your routine -- you know, like bedposts, mirrors, refrigerators, and chairs -- covered in today’s chair-dancing class from noon to 2:00. And don’t forget the simple yet classic look of the men’s oversize shirt, “which adds fun and a little spice to your dance,” says company cocreator Leah Stauffer, who stresses these workshops are for all woman of any age and size. “The added benefit is that you get to a place within yourself where you are comfortable in your own skin,” says Stauffer. “You can celebrate the beauty of other women instead of feeling threatened by it.” All classes are held at Body Sense. The core workshop costs $79, and chair dancing class costs $89. Call 866-HIP-ROLL, or visit
Feb. 18-19