Whatever You Want

Local graffiti artist and socially conscious dude Aholsniffsglue has a favorite word. “I say whatever all the time, man. I’m getting a tattoo that says whatever,” he declares during a recent phone interview. Before he gets inked, he’ll be hosting the appropriately titled Whatever Jam at PS 14. Featuring Movie Boy and the I Am Your Villain party people, the event promises to be fun, unique, and a little crazy.

So what exactly is the Whatever Jam? “It’s like on the art tip. It’s a Miami-oriented jam. We’re straight clowning; we’re having fun. Be ready for something you didn’t expect. Plus we’re gonna be grilling pancakes,” says Ahol. Graffiti art and pancakes? We are so there. Besides that, there’ll be live entertainment by the likes of the Autonomous Bass Heads, Boy Prostitute, Salami Fingaz of the Beta Bodega Coalition, and José el Rey. All proceeds will benefit Camillus House, and the party gets poppin’ at 10:00 p.m.
Wed., Sept. 12, 10 p.m.