Hit Me with Music

Local group Music Is a Weapon knows a thing or two about punk rock ethics. The singer, drummer, and bassist have all played in the same bands for 15 years, while the guitarist was a member of the Basicks and U.F.C. The four united in January to form MIAW.

“We wanted to write songs that had deep messages about the world, the government, the environment. So we’re using music as a tool to get our word across.... We chose [the word] weapon over tool ’cause we’re going with this warrior concept,” lead singer Kala Droid says of the band’s name. Fans of the Descendents will enjoy MIAW’s upbeat punk anthems mixed with a twist of reggae. In celebration of the release of a self-titled debut album, the quartet will perform tonight at Studio A along with reunited Hialeah polka punk band I Don’t Know, Humbert, Dead Beat Dad, and Boy Prostitute. Doors open at 8:30, and admission is five dollars. For more information, call 305-358-7625 or visit www.studioamiami.com.
Sat., Sept. 1, 8:30 p.m.