Moonlighting Movies

So you and your honey have carved butt-prints into the couch from rampant DVD-watching, and all of the polyester-vest-wearing teens at your local megaplex know you by “large Coke Icee, pack of Twizzlers, and extra-buttery popcorn.” We think it might be time for you two to get a new hobby, or at least a new venue. How does under the stars, surrounded by palm trees, close to the water, and with your feet in the sand strike you? Yeah, we thought Movies on the Beach would sound good. True, you may not be able to get away with your tried-and-true movie theater freaky-deaky, but hey, you are allowed to BYO blanket and pretty soon they’ll be serving beer and wine, so the freak factor just might multiply. You can catch two current releases each night: a family-friendly showing at 7:15 and an R-rated one at 9:30. Tickets cost nine dollars for adults, six bucks for kids and seniors. Visit for tickets and movie listings. The outdoor theater is located at 73rd Street and Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.
Starts: Nov. 22. Daily, 7:15 & 9:30 p.m., 2007