Arts Aplenty

Santiago Porter mixes classic beauty with morbid history to demand scrutiny by peering eyes. His elegant façades are deceptive, belying the horrors that once took place inside. The artist shoots buildings not out of a love of architecture but as a testimony to places where Argentine society was submitted to political violence and where a haunting sense of oppression still echoes across time. His powerful photographs anchor a winning trifecta tonight at 6:00 at Pan American Art Projects (2450 NW Second Ave., Miami), opening as part of the Wynwood gallery crawl. Besides Porter, Lopez Pardo displays impeccably executed graphite-on-canvas pieces that depict nightscapes rife with loneliness and isolation, while his recent tornado series both disturbs and enchants. Andrea Cote lets down her tresses in Pan Am’s Project Space with her video, Cut, while encrusting three of the room’s walls with her hair as a commentary on transformation and loss. Call 305-573-2400, or visit

At the Bakehouse Art Complex (561 NW 32nd, St., Miami), Anette Uziel has created “Mudra: A Photographic and Sound Experience,” capturing ancient meditation practices with a high-tech vibe. Sandra Abbo’s “Perspectives on Paper & Silk” features a series of abstract works on delicate surfaces that are beguiling and combine in a dreamy panorama for the soul and eyes. Call 305-576-2828, or visit And while you’re wandering the streets of Wynwood, be sure to check out the many other great galleries in the neighborhood.
Sat., Oct. 13, 2007